Rice is an exceptionally healthy food for several reasons. It contains complex carbohydrates, which means that it consists of starch and dietary fibers. The complex carbohydrates are digested slowly, giving thus our body the possibility to use the energy they give us for a longer duration. The dietary fibers help the development of our intestinal flora, which plays a significant role in keeping our immune system strong.   

Like all starchy food, rice does not contain many proteins. However, the proteins it does contain are easily digestible and are easily absorbed by our body. This is the reason why rice is such a suitable food for babies, elderly people and those who due to health reasons have trouble eating. Nutritionists tell us that adults do not need large amounts of proteins. 55 to 75 grams per day are enough, which is about half a small steak. The exceeding quantity is either turned into energy or fat.  Rice contains all 8 amino-acids the human body needs to constantly build up new and strong muscles.

Rice is also healthy for what it does not contain. It does not contain cholesterol or gluten and it does not cause allergies. Its low salt and fat content makes it suitable for diets.