Rice is one of the largest crops in Greece. Agrino supports the local growers' effort by offering you and your family these valuable grains of the Greek soil. Discover the products that suit your preferences and needs and create endless tasty combinations.


Agrino brings all the nutritional values of the Greek soil to your plate by producing all types of rice, white and parboiled from the best Greek rice varieties. You will find an Agrino rice product for every culinary need! The Agrino rice products stand out for their unique taste that remains intact in the distinctive stand-up packaging with the window from where you can see the content. Discover the magical journey of the Agrino rice products, filled with delightful experiences!


The first complete range of wholegrain rice! Full of taste, you can choose out of 4 different products to match your recipe, always easy and quick. Agrino Brown Family rice is pure, gluten free, rich in vitamins, fibre, minerals and trace elements and an ideal choice for your everyday meals. Discover the brown side of rice through delicious recipes, easy and quick to prepare and full of nutrients. Wholegrain rice owes its brown color and its high nutritional value to the fact the bran is not removed. It is a natural source of fibre and has a significant B1 content, which benefits the heart function.


A range of long grain parboiled rice products that offer you full taste and a perfect result in just 10 minutes! Packed in a carton box with an easy open, keeping the product protected until use. Parboiled rice gets its yellowish color from the outer husk during the parboiling procedure, after which the husk is removed. Parboiling involves partial boiling of the husked rice, and is done in three steps: Soaking, steaming and drying. The parboiling process moves micro nutrients contained in the bran, making parboiled rice more nutritious than white rice as well as firmer and less sticky when cooked.


Your meals get an exotic touch using the Agrino Exotic range of selected rice varieties from all over the world! Basmati from India, Jasmine from Thailand, Arborio from Italy and Wild Rice from Northern America. The most popular and genuine rice varieties, packed in a 3-layered airtight packaging to preserve the original aroma and with a practical easy open-close sticker.